About Clovis Big Dry Creek Museum

We display and maintain pictures and artifacts of Clovis M. Cole, the Wheat King of the United States during the 1880-1890's; photos and articles of Marcus Pollasky, a key developer of the Clovis Township; original portion of the 1893 Fresno Flume and Irrigation, which brought lumber and water from Shaver Lake; Indian artifacts; early day pictures and information of over 400 Clovis area families; 1903-1965 graduation pictures of Clovis High School students and school annuals for those years; history of the 1912 First State Bank and their 1924 bank robbery; Clovis Veterans display of WW I, WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, and the Desert Wars; memorabilia of Ken "Festus" Curtis of "Gunsmoke", and much, much, more.

Our Mission

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Edison Phonograph

Edison Phonograph

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May Case

Lucy Cecelia May Morris Case was born in 1873 in Oklahoma. As a young girl, May was acquainted with Geronimo, Chief of the Apaches, as…

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Mono Tribe Cradleboards

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